Better Together Campaign

It's not a building, it's a movement.

The Future of Unite

The Better Together Campaign will allow us to move further into the call of God by strengthening our local church body (Unite Church) while simultaneously creating a strategic outpost in our city (Movement 17) for unity amongst the body of believers.

The ultimate goal of the campaign is to fund Movement 17. Your prayers and financial support are vital kingdom deposits into this exciting season that God is leading all of us into.


There are several phases of the campaign; We are currently in phase one. The financial goal for phase one is $225k

  • $150k (property down payment)
  • $75k (renovations)

We are asking that you commit to give $1,000. If everyone in the congregation does this, we will reach our goal. With our giving plan we understand that some will give more than what is being asked and some will not be able to give the full amount. We are asking you to prayerfully consider what amount you believe the Lord is asking you to give. Anything and everything helps us reach our goal.

Movement 17

Movement 17 is a physical representation of what it looks like when the Body of Christ unites with Kingdom-minded non-profits, business leaders and government officials. Located at 1101 Stainback Avenue, Movement 17 serves as a HUB for individual ministries and Kingdom-minded non profits/businesses. The goal of Movement 17 is not to reinvent the wheel, but to create synergies and relationships between people and groups who are walking out their unique callings to see the Kingdom of God come to earth as it is in Heaven.

Why Movement 17?

Movement 17 originates from the biblical passage of John 17. In this prayer, Jesus prays that His followers would be grounded in a love and unity for one another.

Movement 17 currently houses ministries and non-profits that serve the following people groups

  • Children & Youth
  • Unhoused community
  • Survivors of human trafficking
  • Victims of abuse
  • Unreached people groups around the world

Scripture teaches us that when God's people unite around His vision, explosive and dynamic movement can take place that could otherwise not be seen. We truly believe we are better together. There is much more work to be done to reach other groups. Your support will make it possible!

We invite you to join the movement.