City Partnerships

We have relationships with ministries all over Nashville, Here is some info on your partners!

One of our main goals at Unite Church is to unite the entire Christian community in Nashville work together on our goal to see the Kingdom break through in our city. We work hard to partner and develop relationships with as many ministries in our city as possible. Here are some of the ministries we’ve partnered with and how they help our city.

Releve One

{r}elevé one foundation, located on the third floor of Unite Church, in downtown East Nashville, TN. We are dedicated to helping ensure every woman has access to a safe place where she can begin and/or continue the journey of becoming healthy in a setting that believes in renewing the mind, body and spirit through movement, encouragement and prayer.

King's hill House of Prayer

King’s Hill House of Prayer serves as a strategic location to welcome the presence of the Lord and model an Isaiah 56:7 house of prayer for all nations. Pastor Mark Lancaster currently serves as the Board President.

Unite nashville

Unite Nashville is a call to action to the body of believers, to unite the city of Nashville with the common goal of racial reconciliation through the power of prayer. Unite Church regularly participates in their community outreach events & prayer walks. Pastor Mark Lancaster currently serves on the board of directors.

Worship City alliance

Worship City Alliance’s mission is to unite the city and region leadership through relationship for the advancement of the Kingdom in Middle Tennessee and beyond. WCA meets at Unite Church on the first Wednesday of every month at 9:30am. Pastor Mark Lancaster currently serves as the co director for the Worship City Alliance.

Reckless Love Nashville

Reckless Love Nashville is a ministry directed by evangelical missionary Aaron Yarnell. Aaron’s mission is to find the one, love them extravagantly & watch what God does with the rest. Aaron Yarnell runs the evangelical ministry of Unite Church.

Orbis Ministries

Orbis Ministries was birthed out the conviction that the cry of the 16th century Reformers, “Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda” (The Church having been reformed must always continue being reformed), is the pathway to fulfilling the vision for the wisdom of God to be revealed to the current age. Orbis works with corporations, government agencies and educational institutions to bring the wisdom of God to the world in the everyday affairs of life. We partner with leaders to effect societal transformation by teaching and demonstrating the principles of the Kingdom of God in tangible, practical ways. Orbis Ministries’ Ken Fish hosts the God Is Not A Theory Podcast with Pastor Grant Pemberton.